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February 23-27

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Though we enjoyed our unexpected time off, I think we are all ready to get back into normal routine!  As I mentioned before, this week we are reviewing our math chapter on geometry.  We are doing quick reviews of symmetry, congruence, plane shapes, solid figures, and transformations (flips, turns, and slides) of shapes.  Instead of the test, the students are working on some projects to show what they learned.  All the projects will be graded together as one assessment grade for the chapter.  They will be sent home with a rubric showing how they did when all the projects are finished.

Here are our plans for the week:

Language Arts: words with /ou/ and /ow/ sounds; pronouns; quotation marks; suffixes; plural nouns; summarizing and point of view

Math: Ch. 11 projects; unit and non-unit fractions

Religion: lent activities

Cursive: I, J, K, L, M, N

Social Studies: federal government; president's role; voting

Science: how states of matter change

Question of the Week: What Church season are we in right now?

Have a great week!

Feb. 9-13

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This week, we are stepping outside of our normal routine in language arts.  We will not have a story from our reader or a spelling test.  We are doing a chapter book study on the book February Friend.

They are working on a comprehension packet as we read each day.  There will be an AR test over the book at the end of the week which will be graded.  Our list of vocabulary words on the home page are the words we will be working with, but will not be tested over.  We will also be doing several activities reviewing parts of speech, syllables, synonyms, and ABC order.  They have just started a new writing project about a trip to Valentine Zoo. 

Next week we will end our geometry chapter in math.  There will not be a test.  Instead they will be completing some activities that will show what they learned.  The assessment grade will come from those activities. 

Here is a look at the rest of the week:

Math: congruence; moving shapes with translations(slide), reflections(flip), and rotations(turn); symmetry

Religion:  5 finger prayer; ways to pray (prayer stations); Bible verses of LOVE

Cursive: I, J, K, L

Social Studies: federal government; voting; Junior Acheivement

Science: reviewing chapter 2; exploring solutions and moving between different states of matter

Question of the Week:  Shapes that are congruent have to be the same shape and same ______.

Have a great week!

Feb. 2-6

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Catholic Schools Week was so much fun for all of us!  We did not get much work done, but we had a good time celebrating being a Catholic school.  This Friday, Junior Achievement will begin.  Rose Tooley will be our instructor.  They will be learning about taxes, community helpers, and production.  Rose does a fantastic job with the kids, so they will be learning a lot and having fun doing it!

Language Arts: words with the "air" sound made by -air/-are/-ear/-ere; poetry; contraction; syllables; r-controlled words; alliteration; similes

Math: solid figures and their vertices, edges, and flat surfaces; recognizing shapes on the faces of figures; making new shapes with smaller ones (tanagrams); cutting larger shapes into smaller shapes

Religion: meaning of the Our Father; ways to pray

Cursive: G, H, I, J, K, L

Social Studies: federal government; Junior Achievement

Science:  chapter 2 review on properties or matter

Question of the Week: Which solid figure has 0 edges, 0 verticies, and 0 flat surfaces?

Have a great week!

January 26-30

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Happy Catholic Schools Week!  We have so many exciting activities to show why we love being at a Catholic school!  We have some fun things going on in the 2nd grade classroom as well.  The students have been working on a fictional story called "Journey of a Snowflake".  They are imagining they are a snowflake and are telling about all the places they drifted and what they saw there.  We will be making edible snowflakes to eat while we share our stories!  We are also studying solids, liquids, and gases in science.  On Friday they experimented with some of the different properties of a variety of solids.  We will continue to observe the different properties of the three states of matter.  In religion, we have been talking about proclaiming the Kingdom of God.  The students are currently working on posters that advertise the message of God's Kingdom.

Here is what we have planned for the week:

Language Arts:  words with the "ear" sound made by -eer, -ear, -ere; irregular verbs (come, run, hide, sit, sing, give); abreviations; letter writing

Math:  counting money with the dollar; making an organized list; MATH TEST WEDNESDAY

Religion:  Catholic Schools Week acitivities; What makes our school special?

Cursive: E/F; G/H

Science: matter and its properties

Question of the week:  How can you show 75 cents with only two coins?

Have a great week!

January 19-23

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This week the students are spending 30 minutes each day with Crystal from Holly's House.  Like every year, they will be discussing the "Think first, stay safe" strategies with the kids.  There will be a sheet sent home with them every day explaining what they talked about that day so that you are filled in on their conversations. 

I am so proud of the class for how much they have grown this year.  We do "Circle Prayer" every morning led by them.  They do heart prayers and pray for anything that they want.  Their prayers have matured so much that sometimes I think us adults could learn a lot from them!  They are praying for all the countries with bad leaders, those who are sick in the hospital, the unborn babies, priests, those who travel or have dangerous jobs, and many more!  It is very neat to listen to everyday! 

Here are our plans for this week:

Language Arts: words with the /or/ sound made by or, oar, ore; words with /ar/; similies; irregular verbs; irregular plural nouns; book titles; realistic fiction

Writing:  Journey of a Snowflake

Math: counting with dime, nickel, and penny; quarter and half-dollar; counting collections of coins

Religion:  Proclaiming God's Kingdom

Social Studies:  local and state gov.

Science:  states or matter and their properties

Question of the Week:  Which coin has the most value:  quarter, dime, nickel?

Have a great week!

January 12-16

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This week we began having mass in the cafeteria.  The students all did so good keeping quiet and remembering that we were at "church".  Thankfully I think it is safe to say our 100th Day celebration will still be Friday.  100th Day projects are due by Thursday.  We will be having a math test either Thursday this week or Monday next week, depending on how they do with 3-digit subtraction.  We don't usually have tests on Monday, but it may be impossible to avoid this time!

Here is what we are doing this week:

Language Arts:  words with /er/ir/ur/or same sound; cause and effect; helping verbs; quotation marks; inflected endings; expository text features

Writing:  Lost!  Help Me Find My Snowman!

Math: estimating differences; 3-digit subtraction; using data from a table to make graphs; TEST THURSDAY OR MONDAY

Religion: God's Kingdom; being a follower of Christ

Social Studies: local and state government

Science: matter; solids

Question of the Week: What would you estimate the number 389 to?

Have a great week!

January 5-9

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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season!  We are still trying to gear up after our long break!  We have a lot going on in the month of January.  Holly's House will be coming soon as they do every year.  We will be approaching our 100th day of school soon as long as no snow comes along.  We will also be celebrating Catholic Schools Week at the end of the month. 

Here is what we are doing this week in class:

Language Arts: words with silent letters (wr/ mb/kn/gn/sc); linking verbs; proper nouns; prefix and suffix review; main idea and details; compound word review; expository texts

Math: 3 digit mental math; estimating sums; 3 digit addition with regrouping; finding missing parts in 3 digit addition

Religion: unit 4 review; having faith; the Kingdom of God

Cursive: A, B, C, D

Social Studies: local and state government

Science: three types of matter; observing solids

Question of the Week: Who came to visit Jesus on what we call Epiphany?

Have a great week!

Dec. 15-19

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This week there will be no weekly reading or spelling test.  We will be having a science test tomorrow (Tuesday) and a math test Wednesday.  Our week will be filled with some special Christmas activities.  The students have worked so hard this semester, and I would like to reward them with some more relaxing activities!

Dec. 8-12

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Happy 2nd week of Advent!  It looks like St. Nick stopped by our room!  The students made stockings and miniature St. Nicks, and were excited to see that he blessed them with a little treat.

Here are our plans for the week:

Language Arts:  long /u/ made by /u_e/, /u/, /ew/, /ue/; end mark review; prefixes; combining sentences with and/or/but; comparative adjectives; writing: Gifts from the Heart, How to Make a Grinch Grin

Math: three digit numbers with expanded form/word form/standard form; changing numbers by tens and hundreds; patterns on hundreds charts; <,>,=; numbers before, after, and between

Religion: church seasons; nativity mural

Cursive: A, B, review

Social Studies: trade and bartering

Science: ways we move objects

Question of the Week: What number is in the thousands place in the number 4,567?

Dec. 1-5

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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We are excited to be moving into the season of Advent here at school!  We have an Advent calendar helping us count down the days.  The students have all made "Advent Promises" to God in order to focus their advent on helping others and getting our hearts ready for Christ.  We are also going to be putting up a tree soon along with out Advent wreath.  The class will be finding out "What God Wants for Christmas" as we undo a couple gifts each week.  We have tons of exciting things going on in 2nd Grade.  Later this week I will be adding some fall pictures to our photo gallery tab, and will be updating the calendar with important December events.

Here is what we are learning this week:

Language Arts:  long /e/ sounds made by /e/,/ee/,/ea/,/ie/,/y/;  main idea and key details; plural nouns; antonyms; using the verbs have/has/had; writing letters to Santa

Math: ways to subtract (pencil and paper, mental math); building numbers up to 1,000; counting tens, ones, and hundreds

Religion: making Advent promises; Advent wreaths; the Church season/Church calendar

Cursive: z, spelling words; review

Social Studies:  factories; banks

Science: pushes and pulls; force; motion

Question of the Week:  How many weeks are there in Advent?

Have a fantastic week!