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May 11-May 15

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It is so hard to believe that my year with this amazing group of kids is almost over!  It always makes me sad to have to send them on to the next grade.  Throughout the year, I love getting know their personalities and their potential.  It is so cool to watch how much they progress and grow mentally, physically, and spiritually throughout the year.  Each one of them is very special to me, and I can't wait to see how they grow even more as they continue through Holy Cross.  Thank you parents for being so supportive and involved in our class.  It makes such a difference!

Here are our plans for our last week of regular class:

Language Arts:  vowel teams (ay, oo, ea, oy, ai); problem/solution; adverbs; prepositions

Math: graphing assessment; problem solving practice

Religion:  heaven; going forth from Mass and sharing the message

Social Studies:  Native Americans; colonies; developing the USA; famous Americans

Science:  making weather tools; Unit TEST WED.

Cursive:  W, X, Y, Z, practice

Question of the Week:  How many FAITHFUL apostles did Christ have?

Have an awesome week!

April 27-May1

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One more week until the big day!  Don't forget that 1st Communion Banners are due by Wednesday this week (4/29).  Today I sent home an information sheet with details about this Sunday, as well as a seating chart so you can see where you will be sitting.  It will be a beautiful day to be a part of.  We are getting so excited!

Here are our plans for the week:

Language Arts:  words with the CVCe pattern; articles (a,an,the); special adjectives (this/that, these/those); suffixes and prefixes; proper nouns; poetry

Math: calendars; temperature; doing multiple-step problems; TEST ON THURSDAY

Religion:  practice for 1st Communion; St. Simon Stock

Science: energy from the sun; water cycle

Cursive: S, T, U, V

Question of the Week:  What is the bowl called that we keep the hosts in at mass?

Have a great week!

April 20-24

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Well we are only two weeks out from First Communion.  How exciting!  We are working hard right now studying the parts of the Mass.  Next week we will be practicing how to receive the Body and Blood of Christ.  The banners will be due next Wednesday (4/29).  I of course will take them anytime before then as well!  Emily Anderson and Jake Richter will be making their First Communion at St. Bernard's this weekend at the 9am Mass.  It would be a great Mass to come to and support them!

Our field trip will be on Wednesday as noted in the permission slip.  If you plan to attend, please let me know by Tuesday.  It should be a fun day....and let's start praying for good weather!

Here are our plans for the week:

Language Arts:  multiple syllable words; open and closed syllables; themes in writing; adjectives; commas in a series; writing poetry

Math: practicing time to the nearest 5 minutes; time to the half hour and quarter hour; calendars

Religion:  Liturgy of the Word; Liturgy of the Eucharist; St. Simon Stock

Cursive: S, T, U, V

Science:  the sun's energy; temperature; water cycle

Question of the Week: Mass is split up into how many MAIN parts?

Have a great week!

April 13-17

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Our 1st Communion Retreat turned out to be a wonderful day as usual.  The kids had so much fun!  They were able to taste the unconsencrated bread and wine on Friday.  That is always interesting to watch!  We also made our altar cloth with their handprints on it. The altar cloth will be placed over the altar during the special mass.  Don't forget that banners are due Wednesday April 29th or anytime before that. 

Here are our plans for the week:

Language Arts:  short /e/ sound made by /ea/, short /u/ sound made by /ou/, short /i/ sound made by /y/; subject-verb agreement; ABC order; capitalizing book titles; cause/effect

Math: weight with ounces and pounds, grams and kilograms; telling time to the closest 5 minute mark

Religion: the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist; parts of the mass (Liturgy of the Mass)

Cursive: Q, R, S, T

Social Studies:  monuments

Science: energy from the sun; water cycle

Question of the Week:  Jesus said, "I am the _______ of life!"

Have a great week!

April 6-10

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Happy Easter everyone!  We are excited to be celebrating the resurrection of the Lord!  This week we are reading Flat Stanley.  They will not have a reading or spelling test to study for.  They are working on a comprehension packet as we read, and will be taking an AR test for a grade on Thursday.  They will be making their flat selves and sending them off on Thursday! 

Just a reminder, the First Communion retreat is Friday at St. Joe in Princeton.  The kids and adults need to bring a lunch.  Drinks will be provided for the kids but not adults.  They can wear spirit wear shirts and jeans.

Here are our plans for the week:

Language Arts:  Flat Stanley projects

Math:  cups/pints/quarts/liter measurements

Religion:  Jesus is the Bread of Life; a Holy Meal

Social Studies: monuments

Cursive: O, P, Q, R

Question of the Week:  How many days was it before Jesus rose from the dead?

Have a great week!

March 30-April 3

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I'm hoping you all had a wonderful Spring Break with your families!  We have a BUSY next couple of weeks!  Today is 2nd Grade's turn to present the Stations of the Cross for the school. 

On Holy Thursday this week, we will be performing our short play on the Last Supper for the school and any other parents who would like to come.  This will happen at 2:15 in the cafeteria.  Each student needs to bring in their own outfit to wear for the play by Wednesday.  As I said before plain, neutral sheets with belts, ropes, or pins to hold them up will work, or plain, neutral bath robes will work.  Anything to make them look like a simple apostle. 

Next week we will have our 1st Communion Retreat at St. Joe Princeton from 9-1.  Kids and adults need to bring their lunch.  Drinks will be provided for the kids.  They may wear spirit wear with jeans.  The students will ride the bus to Princeton and the adults need to drive separate.  It will be a wonderful day!!!!

Our Flat Stanley project will start next week.  If you have not turned in your information for the person your student will be mailing to, please turn that in as soon as possible. 

Here are our plans for the week:

Language Arts: the (ah) sound made by /au/,/aw/,/ough/,/augh/,/al/,/all/; problems and solutions in fiction stories; contractions; homophones

Math: measuring area; problem solving with area and perimeter; TEST WED.; measuring capacity

Religion: practicing for the Last Supper; drawing the story of the Passion of Christ; Good Friday activities

Cursive: O,P,Q, R

Social Studies: government review, monuments

Question of the Week: What do we call the Thursday that we remember Jesus giving us the Eucharist at the Last Supper?

Have a great week!

March 16-20

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Here are our plans for the week:

Language Arts:  words witht he "ew" and "uh" sounds, possessive pronouns; contraction review; synonyms; pronoun review; biographies

Math:  measuring with non-standard units; measuring with standard units: in., ft., yds., cm., m.; perimeter

Religion:  making murals that show the story of the Passion of Christ

Social Studies: mottos; monuments; government review; colonies

Cursive:  M, N, O, P

Question of the week:  What did St. Patrick use to teach about the Holy Trinity?

Have a wonderful week!

March 9-13

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We have a busy month this March!  We have already celebrated Dr. Suess, have been focusing on Lent, and will be looking forward to St. Patrick's Day!  In addition to those things, we will also be doing our Flat Stanley projects soon.  There will be more to come about those projects in the near future. 

The class has been having fun learning fractions in many different ways.  Today we found fractions of a set using a bag of M & Ms.  We also recently made pretzels to learn the cool history behind this Lenten treat.  If your student hasn't shared what they learned about the pretzel, please have them tell you!  We also made oobleck last week and read "Bartholowmew and the Oobleck" by Dr. Suess.  It was messy, but we got to observe how this matter appears to be a solid and a liquid sometimes!  While we have been having fun, we also have TONS of work to catch up on.

This week's spelling list and vocabulary words will still be from the same unit as last week.  We will have a math test over fractions on Wednesday, and a science test on Friday over our matter unit.

***I know I have sent a couple reminders, but here is one more.....First Communion Parent Mtg. is Tuesday Mar. 10th at 6:30 in the HC cafeteria.

Here are our plans for the week:

Language Arts:  pronouns; syllables; idioms; point of view; /oi/ and /oy/ sounds; Writing: Who is Worth More Than a Pot of Gold to You?

Math: fraction review; TEST WED.; measuring with different attributes

Religion: making a mural on the story of the Passion of Christ

Cursive: K, L, M, N, O, P

Science:  solutions; solids that dissolve in liquids; TEST FRIDAY

Question of the Week:  What figure was in the 1st Resurrection Egg that we opened?

Have a great week!

February 23-27

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Though we enjoyed our unexpected time off, I think we are all ready to get back into normal routine!  As I mentioned before, this week we are reviewing our math chapter on geometry.  We are doing quick reviews of symmetry, congruence, plane shapes, solid figures, and transformations (flips, turns, and slides) of shapes.  Instead of the test, the students are working on some projects to show what they learned.  All the projects will be graded together as one assessment grade for the chapter.  They will be sent home with a rubric showing how they did when all the projects are finished.

Here are our plans for the week:

Language Arts: words with /ou/ and /ow/ sounds; pronouns; quotation marks; suffixes; plural nouns; summarizing and point of view

Math: Ch. 11 projects; unit and non-unit fractions

Religion: lent activities

Cursive: I, J, K, L, M, N

Social Studies: federal government; president's role; voting

Science: how states of matter change

Question of the Week: What Church season are we in right now?

Have a great week!

Feb. 9-13

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This week, we are stepping outside of our normal routine in language arts.  We will not have a story from our reader or a spelling test.  We are doing a chapter book study on the book February Friend.

They are working on a comprehension packet as we read each day.  There will be an AR test over the book at the end of the week which will be graded.  Our list of vocabulary words on the home page are the words we will be working with, but will not be tested over.  We will also be doing several activities reviewing parts of speech, syllables, synonyms, and ABC order.  They have just started a new writing project about a trip to Valentine Zoo. 

Next week we will end our geometry chapter in math.  There will not be a test.  Instead they will be completing some activities that will show what they learned.  The assessment grade will come from those activities. 

Here is a look at the rest of the week:

Math: congruence; moving shapes with translations(slide), reflections(flip), and rotations(turn); symmetry

Religion:  5 finger prayer; ways to pray (prayer stations); Bible verses of LOVE

Cursive: I, J, K, L

Social Studies: federal government; voting; Junior Acheivement

Science: reviewing chapter 2; exploring solutions and moving between different states of matter

Question of the Week:  Shapes that are congruent have to be the same shape and same ______.

Have a great week!