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May 12-May 16

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I can not believe we are winding down to the last two weeks of school.  This week will be our last week for our Language Arts series.  Their last spelling and reading tests will be this Thursday and Friday.  Their last math test will be Friday as well.  There will not be a science test over our last science unit on "forces". 

A note was sent home about Crusader Crosses.  We have 6 extras and will be selling them to any second grade families that want them first.  Then I will ask other grades if no one wants to buy one.  They are still $15.  Money collected through them will go in a "Second Grade Projects" fund for next year's projects.

Thank you to all who participated in our altar cloth raffle.  Laira Cloin's name was drawn today.  The money we collected from that is being used to purchase more religious gifts for the basket we are giving to Jennifer Schnaus.  Jennifer entered the Catholic Church this Easter, and it is a second grade tradition to welcome all new members.

Here are our plans for this week:

Language Arts:  /or/,/ar/,/ur/,/ir/,/er/,/air/ words; poetry; adjectives and adverbs; point of view in stories; types of sentences

Writing:  My Teacher is Missing!

Math: bar graph; pictographs; tally marks; coordinate graphs; probability; MATH TEST FRIDAY

Religion: called to go out and share the Good News; ways to spread the Word

Social Studies:  ancestors; customs and holidays in the U.S.; ancient times

Science: pushes and pulls using force

Cursive: F, G, X, S, I, J, Q, L, T, F

Question of the Week: What is the numerical date for May 16, 2014?

Have a fabulous week!

May 5-9

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We could not have asked for a more beautiful day for First Communion!  I am so proud of the students for all their hard work to prepare for this special sacrament.  I will be auctioning off the altar cloth that has all their handprints on it, which was used during mass.  Look for the form and tickets to be coming home today. 

Here is what we are doing in class this week:

Language Arts:  vowel team words; problem/solution; adverbs; prepostional phrases; context clues

Writing:  My Teacher is Missing! (narrative writing based off of the picture book: Miss Nelson is Missing

Math:  review of telling time in different ways (quarter past, quarter till, half past); estimating time; reading calendars; reading thermometers; multiple step problems; TEST FRIDAY

Religion: Mary

Cursive: U,Y, Z, V, W, X

Social Studies: colonies, the first 13 colonies; how our country grew; important Americans

Question of the Week:  What is the name of the person who reads the readings during mass?

Have a wonderful week!

April 28-May2

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Wow!  We will end the week with the beginning of May!  I have enjoyed this class so much this year, and will have a hard time sending them off to third grade. 

I am so proud of how well they did with their Last Supper skit.  It is so special to them to get to perform in front of their peers and loved ones.  Lynda Powers took a photo of them before the skit.  She will be selling professional panoramic copies to all Second Grade parents who are interested.  I will send home more information on those when I get it.  All money made on those pictues will be donated back to Holy Cross.  It is a very special keepsake for you to have.  The week following First Communion, Fr. Tony will bless all religious items that the kids have received as gifts.  They will bring the items to school to be blessed. I will let you know whether it will be Tuesday or Thursday when I find out.  Check out the photos I added in the photo gallery.

Don't forget Mom's Day is this Thursday!

If you have any questions about our First Communion coming up this weekend, please give me a call this week at school, or email me.

Our plans for the week:

Language Arts: /-al/,/-el/,/-le/ sounds; main idea and details of selections; comparative and superlative adjectives; possesive nouns; WRITING:  book report on nonfiction writing

Math:  telling time to the nearest 5 minutes; telling time to the quarter hours and half hour

Religion:  First Communion practice and review

Cursive:  U, Y, Z, V, W, X

Social Studies:  Colonies; the first 13 colonies; how our country grew; important Americans

Question of the WeeK:  What do we call the cup that holds the Blood of Christ at mass?

Have a WONDERFUL week!

April 21-25

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Happy Easter!  I hope you all enjoyed the amazing weekend weather with all of your family and friends.  The excitement continues as we get ready for First Communion.  This week we will be doing our Last Supper skit on Wednesday afternoon.  It is a very short skit, but anyone is welcomed to come watch at 2:15.  Most First Communion banners have been turned in and they look so beautiful.  Holy Cross welcomed a new member into our parish this past weekend: Jennifer Schnaus.  Our class will be welcoming her by making a Crusader Cross for her.  We will include a card along with it, and possibly some other items.  If you would like to purchase anything to add to our gift such as a rosary, prayer book, holy card, ect... please send it in by the end of this week or the following Monday. 

Here is what we have planned for this week:

Language Arts:  words with the CVCe pattern; articles such as the/a/an/this/that/these/those; abreviations; prefixes/suffixes; writing expository texts

Math: measuring capacity with nonstandard units, cups, pints, quarts, and liters

Religion: First Communion practice and review, Last Supper skit

Cursive: K, U, W

Social Studies: the first Amercians; the first colonies

Question of the Week: How many days are there in April?

Have a wonderful week!

April 14-17

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We have so many great things going on in the Second Grade classroom.  We have received almost all of our Flat Stanley projects back.  It has been fun seeing what everyone's flat people were up to on their trips.  We are also getting ready for the end of Lent and the celebration of Easter!  The class is also learning about the Liturgy of the Eucharist this week.  We have been discussing what happens in the opening of mass and during the Liturgy of the Word.  This week on Holy Thursday we will be discussing the Last Supper again as we connect it to the Liturgy of the Eucharist. 

Here is what we have going on this week:

Language Arts: words with open and closed syllables; adjectives; themes; point of view; context clues; myths;  WRITING:  we are writing poetry on the computer

Math:  We closed out chapter 13 on measuring length (instead of a test they completed workbook pages for the chapter which will be graded); Ch. 14: exploring weight; ounces and pounds; grams and kilograms

Religion:  Liturgy of the Word; practicing receiving the Body of Christ; Lent activities: Lent wreaths, Last Supper tables; (On Friday we will be doing the Divine Mercy Chaplet as a school and watch the cartoon version of the Passion of the Lord)

Science:  Test Tuesday

Cursive: M/N, H, K

Social Studies: the first Americans (Powhatan, Sioux, Pueblo groups); the first conlonies

Question of the Week:  How many silver coins did Judas betray Jesus for?

Have a fabulous week!

April 7-11

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Our First Communion Retreat was a blast, and the students loved getting to taste the unconsecrated bread and wine as well!  We are continuing our preparation for First Communion by studying the mass parts.  Hopefully you are working on those First Communion banners at home. 

Here is what is happening this week in class:

Language Arts: short e sound make by /ea/, short u sound made by /ou/, short i sound made by /y/; cause/effect; subject pronoun and verb agreement; capitalizing book titles; expository writing; multiple meaning words; WRITING: APRIL POETRY

Math:  centimeters/meters; perimeter; area; problem solving with different attributes; review (TEST ON MONDAY)

Religion:  Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist; St. Simon Stock and the scapular

Cursive:  N/M; H; K

Science:  changing states of matter; properties of matter; solutions; TEST either FRIDAY or TUESDAY (due to Talent Show practices, this will fluxuate)

Question of the Week:  What do we call the Thursday before Easter?

Have a fabulous week!

March 31-April 4

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I hope you all enjoyed Spring Break.  It was just what we all needed to come back refreshed and ready!  The students are so excited about their First Communion Retreat this Thursday.  Don't forget to send them with a sack lunch, and one for yourself if you plan on coming.  They will ride the bus over and back to Sts. Peter and Paul.  Space will be limited on the bus because we will be riding over with St. Joseph students, so meet us at Sts. Peter and Paul around 8:45.  If you did not get your child's First Communion banner kit from me, please let me know so I can get one to you.  Check out new pictures in the photo gallery.

Here is what is happening in class this week:

Language Arts:  words with the short /o/ sound made with /au/, /aw/, /ough/, /augh/, /all/, and /al/; contractions; homophones; possessive pronouns; problem and solutions in texts

Writing:  My Gift:  Students will write about what talent they would have if they could pick any talent, and what they would do to help others with it.

Math: choosing which attriute to measure with (length, capacity, weight); measuring length in standard and non-standard units

Religion:  The Catholic Mass

Cursive: C, E, N/M

Science:  solids, liquids, gases, and their properties

Question of the week:  Which type of matter is water?

Have a wonderful week!

March 17-21

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This week we are reading Flat Stanley in class.  The students have self-selected their own spelling words and vocabulary words which they will be working with throughout the week.  There will be no spelling test or reading test this week.  The students will be mailing off their "flat selves" this Friday.  It will be tons of fun reading how they spent their time when they return.

Here is what we are doing this week in class:

Language Arts:  Flat Stanley

Math:  estimating fractions; fractions of a set; problem solving using fractions; TEST FRIDAY

Religion:  the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist; lent and prayer; Ch. 16: the Catholic mass

Cursive:  A,O,D

Science:  matter; solids, liquids, gases

Question of the week: What symbol did St. Patrick use to teach people about the Trinity?

Have a great week!

March 10-14

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    In case you did not get the message I sent out, we had to move next week's First Communion Parent Meeting to Tuesday March 18th.  It will be at Holy Cross at 6:30. 

   Next week we will be doing our Flat Stanley project.   I will be sending home a paper to fill out over the weekend explaining more about it.  Please return it on Monday.  We will be reading the chapter book Flat Stanley about a boy who gets flattened when a bulletin board falls on him.  He has to adjust to life as a flat person.  The students will be "flattening" theirselves and mailing off their flat person to a family memeber or friend.  Their flat person will spend a week with this person and then be sent back.  You may want to be thinking about someone who would be good for this project.  It is a lot of fun when the person who receives the visit puts a lot of effort into it!  The students will be picking their own list of spelling and vocabulary words from a list of words from the book.  They will be working with the words all week, but will not have a test over them.  We will be doing a comprehension packet as we read the story, and they will take an AR test over the book as well.  All of those activities will be graded and will replace our usual language arts routine.

   We are ending our math chapter on geometry.  There will be no written test.  Instead the students have done some different activities to show their learning which will be graded together as one big assessment grade.

Here are our plans for the week:

Language Arts:  we are studying words with the "uh" and "ew" sound made by different vowels; sequencing; possessive pronouns (my,your,our, their, her, his, its); synonyms/antonyms; time lines; biographies

Writing:  How to Blow a Bubble (sequencing), and peer biographies

Math:  finishing up Ch. 11 projects; Ch. 12: wholes and equal parts; unit fractions (1/2, 1/3, 1/4); non-unit fractions (3/8, 2/5...)

Religion:  "Feeding of the Five Thousand", "The Bread of Life", "Last Supper"....we will be reading these scripture passages and talk about what they mean; we will make unleavened bread like they used at the Last Supper

Social Studies:  finishing up Unit 5 on voting; monuments and mottos

Cursive: A, O, D

Question of the week:  Who is our Indiana governor?

Have a great week!

March 3-7

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I am insistant in believing that we have had our LAST snowday of the year!!!  Spring is so close I can feel it 8). This past Saturday we celebrated Dr. Suess Day.  We read "Barthalowmew and the Oobleck".  We made our own oobleck and observed (mostly played with) it.  The kids were begging to take it home, but due to the borax being harmful if ingested, we decided to keep it away from little sisters, brothers, or animals.  Here is the recipe though, in case you would like to make it at home. 

*mix 1 c. glue with 3/4 c. cold water and a couple drips of green food coloring.

*in another bowl, mix 1/2 c. hot water and 1 tsp. of borax (mix until the borax is dissolved)

*slowly add glue mixture to borax mixture; mix well then pour off the extra liquid.

Here is what we are doing in class this week:

Language Arts:  /oy/, /oi/ sounds; point of view; idioms; pronouns I,ME,WE,US; poetry

Math: cutting shapes into smaller shapes; congruence; ways to move shapes (flips, turns, slides); symmetry; using riddles to find solid figures; ASSESSMENT MONDAY with various activities.

Religion: we are working on our Lenten promises to FAST, PRAY, and GIVE AWAY; different ways to pray; Stations of the Cross

Cursive: v, z, review of lowercase, A

Social Studies: federal government; voting; class election; mottos and monuments

Question of the Week: How many days of Lent are there?

Have a nice week!