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Sept. 15-19

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Though we are not ready to get rid of the warm weather, we are looking forward to autumn beginning!  Next Tuesday, the students will be asked to bring in a variety of leaves for a small fall project.  Any that they can pick out of their yards will work.  I will remind them Monday night.

This week the students will be researching a state of their choice on the internet.  It will be their first time to do a small research project.  I am excited about them learning these new computer skills!

Here is what we are doing this week in class:

Language Arts:  short and long /i/ words; main idea and details; expanding sentences; combining subjects and predicates; possessive nouns; quotation marks

Math: using addition to help subtract; finding missing parts of number sentences; two part problems; TEST THURSDAY

Religion: God the Father; having trust in our Father

Social Studies: state research project

Science: animal groups; life cycles of a chicken, frog, and butterfly

Question of the Week: How many tens are in the number 84?

Sept. 8-12

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We are excited to celebrate Grandparents Day this Tuesday!  Don't forget to remind those grandparents that breakfast begins at 7:15 this year. 

Here is what we are doing this week:

Language Arts: long and short /a/ words; main idea and key details; subjects and predicates; root words and adding endings to them

Math: problem solving with adding three numbers; TEST TUESDAY; subtracting strategies

Religion: God's Word: the Old Testament and New Testament; sharing God's Word

Social Studies:  Unit 1 review; state projects

Science: reviewing Chapter 1 (plant life cycles); body systems; how animals grow and change

Cursive: h, k, r, s

Question of the Week: What is the doubles fact that would help you find the sum of 7+8?

Have a great week!

Sept. 2-5

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I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  I think this little break is just what we needed!  We started growing our bean seed plants last week, and we also started a tiny plot of grass.  The kids were so excited to come to school today and see that a few sprigs of grass had popped out!  Next up in our science book we will be looking at the life cycle of a pumpkin.  If anyone has home-grown pumpkins and would like to send one in, we would love to use it for our observations!

Check out what is going on in class this week:

Language Arts: words with blended letter sounds; understanding characters, settings, and plots; subject of a sentence; context clues; syllables

Math: adding in any order; adding three numbers; making 10 to add numbers to 9; making 10 to add numbers to 8

Religion: making good choices, Jesus as our savior; the Bible

Science: bean seed life cycle review; life cycle of a pumpkin

Cursive: b, f, h

Social Studies: states and capitols; country; continent

Question of the Week: What is the name of the state we live in?

Have a great week!

August 25-29

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This week I will be sending home a note with your child's reading level and goal for AR.  They have already been working hard on their reading.  We will be planting bean seeds this week and will observe them as they grow.  When they're finished growing they will come home to stay with you!;)  We will also be starting "daily language review" every morning.  At the end of the week it will be sent home with a score for the week.  The first week will be practice, then later on I will start grading them.

Here is what we are doing this week in class:

Language Arts: short e/o/u words; commands, exclaimations, and questions; words with inflected endings (ed,ing); base words; character/setting

Math: problem solving with addition and subtraction; PRACTICE TEST TUES.; adding with 0,1,2; doubles facts, near doubles

Religion: chapter 1 review; obeying God; original sin; Jesus as our Savior; making good and bad choices

Cursive: u, w, e, l

Science: bean seed life cycle, life cycle of a pumpkin

Social Studies: town, state, country, continent

Question of the Week:  What is the answer to a subtraction problem called?

August 18-22

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*Our first week of school went great!  We are now getting into a routine that the students are adapting to very well.  We have started AR with the students taking tests on their own this week.  Math Fact Mondays will start this evening.  There should be a small explanation in their folders if they forget what to do.

*I will be sending home Scholastic Book catalogs home tomorrow.  The due date for those orders is next Monday Aug. 25th.  Don't forget, you can order online or send a check in with the order form.  Scholastic does not accept cash, but personal checks only.   Also, if you have not signed up for the Remind101 so you can receive important texts from me, you should do so soon if you are interested. 

*This week we will be having a test as usual over our story of the week and vocabulary.  This test is always on Thursdays.  We will also have our normal spelling test on Friday.  I will grade these tests, but they will not be recorded this week in my grade book.  These tests will be our "test taking practice round". On Monday of next week, we will have our first "practice" math test. 

*Here is what we are learning this week:

Language Arts: short /a/, /i/; types of sentences and their end marks; character, setting

Writing: using complete sentences; Owl About Me

Math: joining stories; comparing stories; separating stories; related facts (fact families); problem solving using addition and subtraction; PRACTICE MATH TEST MONDAY

Religion: God's creation; God's greatest gift: Son of God; God's gifts to us

Social Studies: neighborhoods; communities

Science: how plants start growing; life cylce of a bean

Question of the Week:  What is the name for the answer to an addition problem?

Have a fabulous week!