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Nov. 17-21

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K-2 is going on a field trip next Tuesday.  Permission slips were sent home and are due no later than Thursday.  Please make sure that the form, money, and lunch choice are all sent back together. 

Scholastic Book order forms were sent home today.  Those are due on Friday.  If you would like to order any books as Christmas gifts, let me know and when they come in I will keep them up in Mrs. Solloman's office for you to pick up later on. 

Here are our plans for the week:

Language Arts: long /o/ words made by /o/, /oa/, /oe/, /ow/; contractions with /not/; past and future verbs; synonyms; friendly letter editing

Writing:  "I am NOT a Turkey"....The students will be reading "Turkey Trouble" about a turkey who tries to disguise himself to keep from ending up as Thanksgiving dinner.  They will make up disguises for their turkey and write about it.

Math: estimating sums; ways to add (mental math or pencil and paper); subtracting money; estimating differences; subtracting using mental math or pencil and paper

Religion: the sacraments

Cursive: y, z, review

Social Studies: more with goods and services

Question of the Week: Is the verb "went" past or future tense?

Have a great week!

Nov. 10-14

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The students are very excited (and nervous!) that they get to make their First Confession this Thursday!  It will be at Sts. Peter and Paul Church at 6:30pm.  Confession for parents will be offerend from 6:00-6:20pm.  The students need to be there by 6:20, and be dressed in church clothes (no jeans).  I am thrilled to have them experience the gift of this sacrament! 

Here is what we have planned for the week:

Language Arts: long i sounds made by /ight/, /i/, /y/, /ie/; text connections; present tense verbs; story sequencing and plots; compound words; open and closed syllables; commas in a series

Math: checking subtraction with addition; 2 part story problems; TEST WED.; adding money; estimating sums

Religion: practicing going to confession; examining our consciences

Cursive: y; z; review

Social Studies: goods and services; budgets

Question of the Week: What do we call the prayer or act that the priest gives us during confession?

Have a great week!

Nov. 3-7

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I am so proud of how well the students did with their Saint projects!  They all looked like they had worked very hard.  I always enjoy seeing their costumes.  Now that it's November we have turned all our focus to getting ready for First Reconciliation.  We have been learning about God's forgiveness and mercy for a while, and now we will be looking at what happens during the sacrament. 

Here are our plans for the week:

Language Arts:  long /a/ sound made by /ai/,/ay/,/ea/,/eigh/, /ey/; action verbs; contractions; abbreviations; similes; expository texts; WRITING: Angry Verbs

Math: regrouping in 2-digit subtraction

Religion: exploring the Sacrament of Reconciliation (examining conscience, contrition; absolution; penance)

Science: moon phases; Unit 2 TEST FRIDAY

Cursive: v, x

Question of the week: What is the sum of 54+25? (use mental math!)

Have a great week!

Oct. 27-31

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Happy Red Ribbon Week!  This week will be a fun but crazy week!  As I said last week, we will not be having a reading or spelling test.  We will be reading several stories themed around Halloween. 

Just a reminder, our Saint Day celebration is Monday, which is when costumes and posters need to be sent to school. 

Here is what is going on in class this week:

Language Arts: 

     Stories: Click, Clack, Boo!, The Monster Who Lost His Mean, Arthur's Halloween, The Biggest

                         Pumpkin Ever!, Creepy Carrots

      We will be working on story maps, character traits, adjectives, syllables, and text connections

Math: subtracting tens; finding parts of 100; subtracting on the 100s chart; finding missing parts;

                stories with extra or missing information

Religion: making good choices; mercy; showing others forgiveness

Science: the moon and its phases

Cursive: m/n; v; x

Question of the Week: How many syllables does the word constellation have?

Have a great week!

Oct. 21-24

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I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful day we had for Fall Break!  We are still working on addition regrouping in math.  We will be having a math test over it this Friday 10/24.  Next week due to Red Ribbon Week festivities, we will be taking a break from our normal Language Arts schedule.  We will not be having a spelling test or reading test that week.  I will have a spelling list of Halloween themed words which we will be working with throughout the week.  We will also be reviewing some grammar concepts from the past 9 weeks and reading some Halloween stories. 

Here is what we have going on this week:

Language Arts:  words with 3 letter blends (scr-, spr-, str-, thr-, spl-, shr-); rhyming words; possessive nouns; compound words; poetry

Math: addition with regrouping; adding three 3-digit numbers with regrouping; solving story problems with regrouping; MATH TEST FRIDAY

Religion: Bible stories of God's Forgiveness (The Lost Sheep, The Lost Son, Zaccheaus); Jesus teaches us to forgive others; God's forgiveness; consciences and free choice; mortal and venial sins

Social Studies:  conservation of natural resources

Science: the sun and how it moves

Cursive: o, c, review, m/n

Question of the week:  Which commandment says to "obey and honor your parents"?

Have a great week!

Oct. 13-17

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I can't believe it is already mid-October!  The students have been working so hard to learn new things.  We chose our Saints last Friday, and you should have received the packet with the explanation of the project in Friday folders.  I attached a sheet titled "Saint Biography".  You can have your child write their facts out on there and paste it to the poster, or they can get the facts on there in another way of their choice.  Some of them chose some Saints no student has ever done, so I'm excited to see what they teach us about them!  If you have any questions about the project please email me. 

Check out our plans for the week!

Language Arts: words with consonant diagraphs; main idea and details; irregular nouns; suffixes; abbreviations; poetry

Math: number patterns; adding two-digit numbers with regrouping

Religion: Ten Commandments; being a good neighbor

Social Studies: natural resources; conserving our resources

Science: sun; moon; stars

Cursive: o,c, review, m/n

Question of the Week: What is the date of Halloween?

Have a great week!

Oct. 6-10

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We have a lot going on this week!  It is National Fire Prevention Week this week.  October birthday mass is this Tuesday, and picture day is Friday!  Also, don't forget that tomorrow night (Tuesday) is the mandatory First Reconciliation Parent Mtg. at Sts. Peter and Paul. 

I know we just started October, but the beginning of November will be here before we know it!  Every year the second graders choose their favorite saint, research them, and dress up to give their report.  It is so much fun to see them get excited about their saint.  This week I will be having them choose their saint at school.  Then I will send home information on researching their saint and making their poster. 

Check out what we have planned for this week:

Language Arts: soft /g/ and /c/ words; finding main idea and details; proper nouns; prefixes

Writing:  finishing up "Fall Favorites" and working on pumpkin poetry

Math: using clues to find numbers on the hundred chart; Ch. 4 TEST TUESDAY; adding tens with mental math; adding ones with mental math

Religion: being a disciple; unit review; Ten Commandments

Cursive: d, g, q, o

Social Studies: being producers and consumers (the students will produce a good and be 'selling' it to their classmates as they practice being consumers)

Question of the Week: What do we call the family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph?

Have a great week!

Sept. 29-Oct. 3

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Scholastic Book orders will be coming home tonight (Monday).  Those will be due this Friday (10/3).  I'm sure you received my note, but I just want to remind everyone that the First Reconciliation parent meeting has been moved up to Oct. 7th at 6:30.  It will be at Sts. Peter and Paul now instead of Holy Cross.

Here are our plans for the week:

Language Arts:  short and long /u/ words; antonyms; singular and plural nouns; suffixes; commas in a series; syllables; comparing different versions of the same story; fables

Writing:  Fall Favorites

Math: comparing numbers with <,>,=; finding numbers before/after/between; least and greatest; skip counting on hundreds charts; even/odd

Religion: listening to Jesus; God the Spirit; Holy Spirit; Holy Trinity; discipleship

Cursive: a,d,g, q

Social Studies: finishing landform maps; different places to live; consumer/producer

Question of the Week: Which number is greater, 39 or 35?

Have a wonderful week!

Sept 22-26

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It's hard to believe we are moving into a new season tomorrow!  Tonight the students will need to collect a few leaves and bring them in for a little fall activity we will be doing.  They need to be small to medium sized leaves that would fit on paper. 

This Friday we will have our first science test over unit 1.  I will send them home with their science book on Thursday night so that they can study. 

Check out what we are doing in class this week:

Language Arts: short and long /o/ words; nouns; using commas in a series; ABC order; prefixes (un-,dis-,re-); making predictions; writing- 10 Things to Love About Fall

Math: making groups of ten; counting tens and ones; reading and writing number words; comparing tens and ones; <,>,=

Religion: things God does for us as our Father; God the Son; Who is Jesus?; Listening to Jesus

Cursive: a, d, g, q

Social Studies: landforms; making landform maps

Science: extinct animals; fossils

Question of the week:  How many ones does the number 46 have in it?

Have a great week!

Sept. 15-19

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Though we are not ready to get rid of the warm weather, we are looking forward to autumn beginning!  Next Tuesday, the students will be asked to bring in a variety of leaves for a small fall project.  Any that they can pick out of their yards will work.  I will remind them Monday night.

This week the students will be researching a state of their choice on the internet.  It will be their first time to do a small research project.  I am excited about them learning these new computer skills!

Here is what we are doing this week in class:

Language Arts:  short and long /i/ words; main idea and details; expanding sentences; combining subjects and predicates; possessive nouns; quotation marks

Math: using addition to help subtract; finding missing parts of number sentences; two part problems; TEST THURSDAY

Religion: God the Father; having trust in our Father

Social Studies: state research project

Science: animal groups; life cycles of a chicken, frog, and butterfly

Question of the Week: How many tens are in the number 84?